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Are you always looking for a good, wholesome podcast to listen to while you craft? We've got you covered!

Listening to podcasts while we craft is probably the only multitasking we can actually engage in. Especially when your hands already know what to do and don’t need your full, undivided attention, listening to a podcast while you crochet or knit is the ultimate crafty experience. And it adds a little extra to the time you take off from daily commitments to relax and enjoy your favorite craft.

Next, I list some tried and tested suggestions that have kept me in good company over the past years. There’s something for everyone.

Fun and engaging conversations with the best guests and hosts on the interwebs. Merion and Jamie, aka Mr. X Stitch, will keep you company, make you laugh, and inspire you while they speak with people from all walks of the yarny craft life, like Bella Coco, Toni Lipsey, or even Tom Daily.

You’ll learn about their creative process, what their days look like, what craft means to them, or what they’re up to, in a relaxed and joyous conversation with whom I consider two of the best podcast hosts in the universe.

Lindsay takes you with her in engaging conversations with yarn crafters, as if you were all together taking a stroll in the woods or having a picnic, hearing the birds sing and the wind on trees’ leaves.

I can’t single out one episode to recommend, so I suggest listening to Alyson Chu speak about Moorit, the beautiful crochet magazine she created, and that gets us all swooning over the gorgeous patterns and amazing production.

Hosted by Jo Andrews, Haptic & Hue takes us on a journey across time and space to unravel how textiles and humans intertwine. You’ll discover some fascinating stories and how deep and wide the role of craft goes through human history. I suggest you listen to one of my favorite episodes called Is the Needle Mightier Than the Sword? The Secrets of Ancient Textiles and Tools.

This podcast tells fascinating stories of the role fiber has played in our lives and throughout history. Allison discovers the most fascinating episodes of the life of textile crafts and gifts us with conversations that will make us appreciate fiber and the people who bring it to life even more. This episode about Orenburg lace knitting and Galina Khmeleva’s fascinating life story is mandatory!

Through thoughtful conversations and inspiring guests, Dr. Mia Hobbs explores the impact of knitting and crochet on our well-being and how it benefits our mental health.

Using these crafts in her daily practice as a therapist, she has witnessed first-hand how engaging our hands can free our minds and facilitate difficult conversations with a stranger and, ultimately, ourselves. And she was a guest on the Making Stitches podcast recently!

Through Why I Knit, I rediscovered Kathryn Vercillo, author of the book "Crochet Saved My Life." It's definitely worth listening to episode 37, “Crochet is a reason to live, and then heading over to Kathryn’s Substack, "Create Me Free," where she reflects and writes about the intersection of creativity and mental health.

So, what will you listen to next?

If you are always looking for something new to listen to, you can also check Esperanza’s round-up of true crime shows here.


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