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Updated: Jul 26, 2023

From June 16th to 18th, the Portuguese-speaking knitting community will meet virtually at Tricopedia Festival 2023. The online event is in its third edition, bringing together knitters from Brazil and Portugal on workshops and a virtual marketplace.

But first things first. If you’ve never heard of Tricopedia, let me introduce it to you. It’s a knitting video encyclopedia in Portuguese that works as a "knitting Netflix.” Members — fondly called Tricopediers — pay a monthly fee to access an ever-growing collection of knitting techniques videos and more.

Four years after its launch, Tricopedia has expanded into a knitting teaching hub, and once a year, expert instructors are invited to teach workshops at Tricopedia Festival.


If you're looking to enhance your skills, these workshops will have what you need to take your knitting to the next level. You’ll learn from experts who will share their best tips and tricks.

Basic Bottom-up Slipover with Lana Zholobova

It's Lana's first time teaching at Tricopedia Festival, and you should know she isn't afraid of math! In this workshop, she’ll teach you how to calculate the perfect bottom-up slipover and customize it with stitch patterns and details.

Mosaic Knitting with Zaira Paro

If you love colors and geometric patterns, this workshop is for you! Mosaic is a beginner-friendly type of colorwork, so if you have no previous experience with this technique, don't worry! Zaira, our mosaic guru, will guide you every step of the way.

© Lana Zholobova | © Zaira Paro

Stripes on the Bias with Filipa Carneiro

Filipa is a Portuguese designer and knitting instructor well-loved by Brazilian knitters. In this workshop, she’ll show you how to add extra fun to simple designs with diagonal stripes worked on the bias. All techniques will be taught in three knitting styles — English, Continental, and Portuguese.

Top-down Necklines with Cris Bertoluci

Designer, instructor, and author Cris Bertoluci’s workshop will teach three styles of necklines for top-down sweaters — a V-neck and two crew necks (with and without neckband and short rows). As always, Cris will teach you the techniques by knitting miniatures (super cute!) This workshop also includes a “Vanilla” top-down slipover pattern.

© Filipa Carneiro | © Cris Bertoluci

Virtual Marketplace

In this edition, four stores will participate in the virtual marketplace — Fios de Araucária, Novelaria, Mi Atelier, and Cia das Agulhas. Each one will host a Zoom meeting where they’ll offer a fantastic selection of products at discounted prices and special conditions. You’ll find everything you need to fuel your knitting passion and discover exciting new materials to experiment with. Prepare to be tempted and fill your stash with treasures that will inspire your future knitting projects.

Tickets will be available on Saturday, May 27th, at You don't have to be a Tricopedier to participate, but membership perks include early tickets and free entrance to the marketplace.

So mark your calendar, gather your knitting supplies, and prepare for a weekend of knitting!


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