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Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Originally written in Spanish.

There are many benefits to being organized: it’s good for your mental health, productivity, and overcoming high stress levels. If you're a knitter who likes to sign up for a bunch of KALs or you start a project as soon as you buy new yarn, we have a list of tools that can help you track your knitting WIPs.

Options to organize your knitting WIPs

Knitting journal

The first option is to keep your knitting journal up to date. Keeping track of each project you've started on paper makes it easy to keep your knitting WIPs organized. And there are many other benefits of keeping a knitting journal.


My second suggestion is to keep your WIP list on Ravelry too. Start a project every time you begin to knit something new and don't forget to write down the date. Updating the progress bar every time you log on to Ravelry is essential. The in-progress filter will show you how many projects you're working on simultaneously and their status.

Knit Companion

Knitters who love technology can use an app called Knit Companion. The app can be connected to your Ravelry account, and you can use it to check everything about your knitting WIPs. In the paid version, you can use the timer to see how long you've spent on your new sweater or that shawl you started six months ago. This type of data can help you decide if it’s time to frog a project.

You can download Knit Companion on the AppStore, Google Play, and Amazon.

Use a task manager

Another option is to use a task manager such as Trello or Asana. Many companies use them to manage projects, but they can also be valuable for knitters and crocheters. These types of software use boards where you can create a project calendar and reserve time for all your knitting WIPs. They're also available as apps you can install on your smartphone or tablet. I use these boards to decide which projects to work on while watching my favorite series or which projects I need to focus on.

Never lose track of your knitting WIPs

As I told you before, knowing which projects you have in progress allows you to make better decisions. If you haven't worked on a project for a long time, maybe it’s time to frog it. After a season of complex WIPs, choosing a simple patter may be a good idea.

Reserving some time every week to work on the body of a sweater while you listen to a podcast can help you complete it sooner than you thought. With these tools, you can improve your knitting productivity.

If you're looking for more knitting and crochet advice, make sure to check out our full list of tips.



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